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Market Penetration - June 1, 2018

Electric Bus Market Penetration Statistics For the United States

All Electric Public Transit Buses in Service

          • <1% of Public Transit buses in service are all electric (small numbers)

          • ~400 out of 65,000 buses

          • 83% YTY Growth (good growth...see January 2018 press release)


On Order > In Service

          • Backlog > 1 Year (growing trajectory)

          • New factories opened, factories expanded to keep up with demand growth


Transit Agencies with All Electric Buses

          • ~5% of all transit agencies (50 out of 950) have all electric buses in service

          • ~10% of all transit agencies (about 100) either have all electric buses on order or have all electric buses in service


Cities Committed to Go All Electric Include:

          • U.S.: NY City, Los Angeles, Seattle + misc smaller transit agencies

          • Over 10,000 bus commitments in total!  (over 15% of the market)

          • Non-US cities include:  London, Paris, Mexico City, Vancouver, Milan etc.

          • Shenzhen, China is all electric:  16,000 buses

Source:  EB START Consulting


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