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Electric Bus

Sustainable & Renewable Transportation

Getting Started With Electric Buses

Getting started with electric buses is all about planning, education, execution and operations.  Every region is different, so the planning needs to be tailored to the transit agency or school district.  

EB START Consulting works with partners to provide a full array of services to meet your needs.  

Phase I - Planning & Education

  • Project Management

  • Technology and Industry Education

  • Route Planning

    • Bus Range and Battery Size​

  • Charging Alternatives​

    • Scheduling and Infrastructure​

  • Power Requirements​

  • Project Costs and Sources of Funds

Phase II - Execution

  • Contract with Utility

  • Apply for Grants

  • RFP

  • Ordering, Installation, Training

Phase III - Operations

  • Energy Management

  • Charging Strategy

  • Scheduling

  • Maintenance

  • Measures of Success

Get Started

Consulting Services

  • Business Case Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • Greenhouse Gas Analysis

  • Healthcare Cost Impact

Education Services

  • EB Industry Overview

  • EB Industry Data / Analysis


EB START supports and promotes the use of electric buses through advocacy, consulting and education services including strategy/analysis reports and speaking engagements

Market Data

EB Start can provide data and information on the Electric Bus Industry including market data, industry analysis and technical perspectives

“Going Electric Adds up to a Good Idea for NYC Buses” is the title of a guest blog written for Columbia University’s Earth Institute State of the Planet blog.
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