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Press Release – 1/31/2019

Electric Bus Industry Continues to Make Strides in 2018

Electric bus deliveries grow 29%.  More transit agencies are buying, commitments explode.

White Plains, NY – The total number of fully electric, battery-driven buses delivered for use in public transit in the United States grew in 2018 by 29%, with total buses in service reaching 528.  In 2018, electric bus deliveries (generating sales revenue) represented about 4% of new public transit bus sales (deliveries) in the U.S..     

Although market penetration remains low at <1% of the total U.S. public transit bus market, 13% of all transit agencies either have electric buses in service today or have electric buses on order.  Adding transit agencies that have obtained electric bus grants but have not yet placed orders, over 18% of transit agencies are pursuing electric buses.  With California’s recent commitment to transition to a zero emission fleet in addition to the commitments by NY City and Seattle, 33% of all transit buses in the U.S. are committed to convert to zero emissions by 2045.    

Although electric bus manufacturers have expanded their build capacities to shorten the time from contract to delivery, the backlog continues to grow and now sits at over 500 buses, about half of which is still hangover from 2017.   

From a state perspective, the primary consumer of electric buses (EBs) in public transit remains California with 210 buses in service and a slightly larger backlog, bringing California’s total in service plus backlog to about 450 EBs.  Other states with significant investment in electric buses include Indiana and the state of Washington. 

Contract signings were down year to year by about 50% because there were no large commitment contracts signed in the U.S..  5 large contracts signed in 2017 account for the difference.  Proterra and BYD remain the leaders in deliveries (sales revenue) while New Flyer has joined them as a significant player in contract signings.      


This is the second edition of the EB START Electric Bus Index, which tracks and analyzes the impact of electric buses on the public transit industry in the U.S.  The Index is generated by EB START Consulting, White Plains, NY.  See



EB START Consulting ( is uniquely dedicated to the support and promotion of the electric bus industry through consulting, education and advocacy.  Services include strategic planning, financial and business case analysis, greenhouse gas and healthcare cost analysis and industry education services.   

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