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Photo Courtesy of Winnipeg Transit

EB START Services

Vendor and customer need to work jointly on project management.

Education is critical for the customer, the board and constituents

Range anxiety does not exist with the right battery size and the right planning

The utility must be brought on board early

Charging may be in depot, on route or both

The initial cost of the electric bus is higher

Operational costs (MA and fuel) can be lower if managed effectively

Demand charges from charging at peak times should be minimized

Grants and funding from various sources will be needed for initial infrastructure set up

Many typical actions will occur including RFP processes, contracting with various parties and applying for grants.  

Infrastructure installations require experienced execution

Staff must be trained on maintenance procedures 

Energy management and charging strategies must be incorporated in new scheduling and route planning processes

Tools may be used to predict energy usage based on routes, weather and loads

Charging costs should be factored into charging strategies as part of route planning and scheduling.  Tools are available to help.

Measures of success should include those for conventional buses, plus others associated with new maintenance procedures, charging, battery charge levels etc.





Business Case


Compare business alternatives from a financial, business and technical perspective with a focus on the best path forward



Deep dive financial comparison of the future, comparing current expectations  to a projection that includes electric buses including the Total Cost of Ownership, NPV and a sensitivity analysis

Greenhouse gas


A region that is considering adopting electric buses may want to understand the impact of the change from a Greenhouse Gas perspective as well as from the perspective of the health benefit impact to the community

Industry Data 

& Analysis

Who are the major EB manufacturers in the industry?  What do we know about them?  Who else is buying electric buses?  What else do we know about the industry?  

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